2024 Join the VOCAL-NY Users Union!

Are you a former or active drug user? Impacted by the war on drugs and/or the overdose crisis?

Join our Drug Users Union!

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Who we are: VOCAL-NY Users Union is a political action group made up of former and active drug users that are committed to fighting to end the racist and classist war on drugs and, therefore, the overdose crisis.

Our mission: As a union, we are grounded in the belief that people who use and sell drugs deserve dignity and respect, and that their current state in life is not the result of any personal failings but, rather, the result of systemic racism and classism.

We lead this fight using the tools of grassroots organizing: base building, leadership development and engaging in deep political education— all of which strengthens our collective political power. Using this collective power, we work to change the stigmatized narratives of drugs and drug users to shape a winning campaign that saves lives, restores justice and health to communities impacted by the drug war and the overdose crisis and eliminates the criminalization of drugs and drug users. As a group of individuals who have witnessed and endured first hand the violence of the drug war, we understand that the war on drugs is fundamentally a war on people. We are dedicated to building a society wherein public resources are not coopted to fund a police state that terrorizes and kills Black and brown people in the name of the drug war, but instead used to ensure universal access to basic human rights, including: comprehensive, harm-reduction based health care and supportive housing.

If you are a former or active drug user, or someone whose life has been impacted by overdose, please sign up below to be contacted by an organizer and learn how you can become more involved in UU work! 

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