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Are you Currently or Formerly Homeless? Living in a Homeless Shelter? Impacted by Housing Insecurity?

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Who we are: VOCAL-NY Homelessness Union is organized and led by people directly impacted by homelessness and housing insecurity. We advocate for policy changes to win quality housing for low-income people impacted by the war on drugs, mass incarceration and HIV/AIDS, we are dedicated to the belief that safe, affordable and stable housing is a human right for all.

Our mission: We lead this fight using the tools of grassroots organizing: base building, leadership development and engaging in deep political education— all of which strengthens our collective political power. Using this collective power, we work to change the stigmatized narratives of people who are formerly and currently incarcerated to shape a winning campaign that saves lives, restores justice and health to communities impacted by mass incarceration and overpolicing. As a group of individuals who have witnessed and endured first hand the violence of our carceral state. We are dedicated to building a society where public safety is not synonymous with policing and caging Black and Brown people.

If you are currently or formerly homeless, or someone whose life has been impacted by housing insecurity, please sign up below to be contacted by an organizer and learn how you can become more involved in Homelessness Union work! 

VOCAL-NY is a statewide grassroots membership organization that builds power among low-income people directly impacted by HIV/AIDS, the drug war, mass incarceration, and homelessness.

Housing & Homelessness Campaign Director: Adolfo Abreu | Adolfo@vocal-ny.org

Housing Campaign Coordinator: Joseph Loonam | Joseph@vocal-ny.org

Homeless Organizer: Leonel Lopez | Leonel@vocal-ny.org

Director of Organzing: Jawanza Wiliams | jawanza@vocal-ny.org

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